1.  The “The Stages of Prayer” describes a possible logical order of prayer, to help people learn “the art of prayer”, in a step-by-step sequence that will guide people to growth in their prayer life. This growth is categorized in “stages”: Casual, Comfortable, Committed and Deep. Within each stage there are two or more levels that refine the definition of a stage.

My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to Father Riccardo, Father Acervo and Deacon Sullivan for all their help and feedback with this document.

The Stages of Prayer document was written from a Catholic point of view. However my non-Catholic Christian brothers and sisters hopefully may find at least some parts of the prayer guide to be of benefit.

The document is 37 pages and published in Adobe Acrobat.


2.  The Gospel of St. Matthew and Allusions to the Old Testament.  This document in  PDF format is a visual representation of the 159 verses in the Gospel of Matthew that are an “Allusion” to 247 Old Testament verses, in 30 books. The document is 42″ by 30″  (106.7 cm by 76.2 cm).  If you would like a printed copy, download the document and take it to you local printer and ask to have it printed on a 42″  plotter – printer.


3.  Turn your iPhone / iTouch into a prayer book, is a one page document with ideas for you use this new technology in your prayer life.

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