The purpose of this ministry is to help people improve their prayer life by:

1. Inspiring people to pray more
2. Teaching them how to pray
3. Providing a plan or curriculum on what to pray

How this is accomplished:

  1. Writing about prayer
  2. Reviews of prayer books and other media related to prayer
  3. Promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus



Who am I?  I am a student of prayer, and…

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God.

Specifically, I am Catholic. My religion is who and what I am. It defines me as a person.

I am a graduate of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the Archdiocese of Detroit.  I have a Basic Diploma in Catholic Theology (2010-2014).

I completed reading the entire Bible on Pentecost Sunday 2011, and I have the honor and privilege of leading Bible studies for my church since 2011.

I am a Biblical Theologian. I study, and teach, the unity of the Old Testament and New Testament. This ancient teaching of the Church is most profoundly expressed by St. Augustine, in his commentary on the Pentateuch: “The New Testament lies hidden in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New.” See also Catechism of the Catholic Church #128-130.

I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a nephew, an uncle, and a friend…

Who I am is NOT defined by a political party, a hobby, a car,  clothes, a school, a sports team,  or even by the country I was born and live in.  However, I am thankful to God that I live in a country that is founded on the principle of freedom of religion.

This website and its content are my response to God’s request to me, that I help other people learn about prayer and deepen their relationship with God.

“Peace be with you.”


My motto:  Orare semper  (to pray always)
My prayer: Nos erit qui, Tua  (We have one will, Yours)

My ministry: I volunteer one night a week at a Catholic Hospice. I bring Holy Communion to the Catholic patients and I pray with/for my brothers and sisters who are dying.

My prayer is:
Liturgical: Weekly and some daily Mass, Vespers from Liturgy of the Hours
Biblical: The Psalms and other prayers in the Bible, Lecto Divinia
Devotional: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Divine Mercy, Rosary, and others
Mystical: Both Meditative and Contemplative
Charismatic: See 1st Corinthians chapters 12,13,14

My Spirituality: I am an Augustinian

There are a few hallmarks to my Augustinian spirituality:

  • Trinitarian: The Holy Spirit is the communio (communion) of Father and Son.
  • Christocentric: Christ must be at the center of my life, in everything that I do
  • Interiority: “Look inward brethren, and in everything that you do, see God as your witness.”
  • Prayer:  “When you pray to God in Psalms and hymns, think over in your hearts the words that come from your lips.” (rule of St. Augustine chapter 2)
  • A love of Sacred Scripture, and a love to share it with others…
  • Love:  God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.                     (1 John 4:16)
  • The Primacy of Grace – The Sovereign God of grace and the Sovereign grace of God. (A summary of St. Augustine’s theology/spirituality).  “All is grace, perfect and singular grace” (one of my favorite quotes from St. Augustine).


Oath of Loyalty & Attestation to Catholic Theological Disciplines

As a disciple of Jesus Christ and as a member of His church, I profess, pledge and swear an oath of loyalty to my Bishop, the Bishop of Rome and the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Therefore, I am committed to teach authentic Catholic doctrine and to refrain from putting forth as Catholic teaching anything contrary to the Church’s magisterium.

An important note about this BLOG: I created this BLOG for both an anonymous person who may read a post an hour after I write it and for my great-great-grand children who may read these posts 100 or 200 (or more) years after I write them. The point being that the posts are meant to be timeless, they are my personal witness (to the entire world on the Internet) of my faith in and love for Jesus Christ.


Permissions: Permission is given to download, print and make as many copies as you need.

The documents on this site will always be free.

Please do not download and host the guide on your web site. Why?

I intend to improve and modify the guide (adding new material, fixing broken links) for many years to come, if you host the guide on your web site, you will not get the benefits of the modifications.

Just to be clear, only a little of the content in the “Stages of Prayer” document is my own work, besides the concept of “stages”. The main work I have done is arranging the work of others into an organized guide.