I recently consecrated myself the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The typical way to do this is by doing a 33-day Novena in which there are both prayers and reading so that one can prepare for the consecration.  The 33-day novena is also started on specific dates so that the final day and the consecration prayer takes place on a Marian Feast day.  I tried doing that, and I was not successful.  So I just decided to do the consecration without the 33-day Novena.  Also, I did not use any of the formal prayers (that can be found on the Internet).  I composed a simple prayer that is easy to remember and that I pray every day, as soon as I wake up.

My Mother Mary, I consecrate myself to your Immaculate Heart,
for today and for all eternity.


So what does it mean to consecrate oneself to Mary or Jesus? To consecrate means to make holy. So next, what does it mean to make oneself holy? Holiness has a two-part definition: first to be set apart, second to be good.

So in a consecration to Mary, we would strive to live a life set apart for her and let Mary help us. The most important thing Mary wants is for people to have an encounter with her son Jesus.