The Liturgy of the Hours, as the public prayer of the Church, sets forth the Christian ideal of the sanctification of the entire day, marked by the rhythm of hearing the word of God and praying the Psalms; in this way every activity can find its point of reference in the praise offered to God.

Pope Benedict XVI, Verbum Domini, paragraph 62, Apostolic Exhortations (Vatican City: Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2010).

My notes: (Bold emphasis added by me.) The Liturgy of the Hours has an importance that goes far beyond the fact that it is a prayer (a communication) with God. The Liturgy of the Hours is spread throughout a day and has as one of its purposes to sanctify the day. Perhaps this is better expressed as making our lives holy as we live out our lives, day by day. Without a constant prayer to our Lord during a day, what purpose does our day have? Is a Tuesday or a Thursday just like any other day, just the same old thing, just another day in the “daily grind” of life? Praying the Liturgy of the Hours brings a purpose to our typical day: each day is an opportunity to talk to God. Morning Prayer (Lauds in Latin) has a characteristic of praise, and Evening Prayer (Vespers in Latin) a characteristic of thanksgiving. Praying or talking to God every day, throughout the day, should be a primary purpose or event in our lives. The reason for this is because communicating with God (prayer) is what we will be doing for all eternity in heaven.