I recently celebrated my birthday, and received a great gift: a “Rugged Rosary”.

I can review this by saying both what it is not as well as what it is. As a Rosary, it is not a piece of jewelry. It is made with parachute cord, it is strong, durable and perfect gift for the man (or woman) who wants to bring a Rosary out into the world. I do not intend to be sexist by what I am about to write, but some men do not want to be seen with a piece of jewelery (the typical Rosary). This Rosary can go anywhere, praying while hiking a rough trail, while riding the subway. It is a durable tool meant to help anyone pray the Rosary anywhere and at any time.  The company makes full size and well as “pocket” size ones like this.  They can also do custom orders, and the prices are reasonable for a hand made item.

I have mine hanging from the rear-view mirror of my car. For me it is a subtle, yet visible method of evangelism. I am a Christian and a Catholic, and I pray.

The company website: http://www.cordbands.com/