The Son, radiant Image of the Father’s glory, proclaimed that He had come to cast a fire upon the earth and that He longed for it to burst into blaze… (see Luke 12:49)

In our day the divine fire has not been extinguished. The consuming conflagration has not been contained. The proven incapacity of committees and clubs, speeches and surveys, electronics and entertainment profoundly and permanently to change vast numbers of people for the better has to be conceded. As the experience of the centuries attests, true transformations in the world and in the Church continue to come about only through the interventions of men and women on fire—that is, through saints...

Indeed, at this very moment, deep and lasting changes in the Church are being brought about by a faithful few who are burning interiorly as a consequence of the deep prayer given by the Holy Spirit, who renews the face of the earth in ways other than our own.

Thomas Dubay, Fire Within: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel—On Prayer (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1989), Page 1.


My Notes:  I love Fr. Dubay, I have read three books by him and this is my fourth.  I will be making a series of posts from this book.  I need to balance posting too much material from a copyrighted book with the very real need to light people on fire with a deep prayer life from the grace of the Holy Spirit. While Fr. Dubay passed into eternal life a few years ago, I think he would be pleased with my plans. I plan to do this by selecting selecting the best-of-the-best quotes.  I have just started reading this book, so I do not know how much I will be commenting on it, but I can guess that Fr. Dubay needs very little help from me to teach about prayer.

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