• Editor: Rev. John E. Rotelle O.S.A.
  • IMITATION LEATHER: $9 (192) pages
  • Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing Company (1986)
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-93-791348-9

It is also available as a Kindle Book for $5.

Subtitle: Minute Meditations For Every Day Taken From The Writings Of Saint Augustine
Small note: the O.S.A. at the end of someones’ name means “Order of St. Augustine”.

There are many, many books in this category of “Daily Meditations”. I would even guess there is at least one   book in the daily meditation category for each of the major spirituality types.  The format of this book is setup as one reflection/meditation for each day, followed by a prayer, that would take a reader about one minute to read, pray and think about. Although with St. Augustine, one might spend a lot more time than one minute pondering his wisdom.  The vast majority of references in this book are made to a few of Augustine’s works: Commentary of the Psalms, Sermons and Confessions.  There are maybe a dozen other works of Augustine sprinkled throughout.

In the Preface, Fr. Rotelle explains what he is doing: “… to present maxims or thoughts from Augustine that apply to present day situations. Each thought is followed by a prayer. … It is my hope that this selection of quotes will encourage people to read Augustine daily, and appreciate the timelessness of his thought, experience his perennial youth, and grow from the wisdom of this great man of God.”

So who should purchase this specific book? Perhaps the most famous quote from St. Augustine is: “…our heart is restless until it rests in you” (Confessions 1,1).  Do you have a restless heart that is not satisfied by the things of this world? Have you purchased a different daily meditation prayer book that is siting on a shelf, collecting dust? Perhaps your spirituality type did not match up with that particular book.  This book is a rich source Augustinian spirituality for me to be making BLOG posts on for years to come.  Perhaps after reading a few of these posts, you may be inspired to purchase the book, or the Kindle edition for $5.