My sin consisted in this, that I sought pleasure,
sublimity, and truth not in God but in his creatures,
in myself and other created beings. So it was that I
plunged into miseries, confusions and errors.

My God, I give thinks to you, my source of sweet
delight, and my glory and confidence. I thank you for
your gifts, Keep them for me, for in this way you
will keep me. The talents you have given will increase
and be perfected, and I will be with you since it was
your gift to me that I exist.

St. Augustine, Confessions, Book 1 (31)

These two verses coming back-to-back at the very end of Book 1, are a perfect example of the entire content of St. Augustine’s Confessions. For in this work he is doing two things: confessing his sin and confessing his love for God.  I think the order of the prayers is also significant, first confess sin and then praise God.  Since all of us are sinners (see John 8:7), we can all learn from and imitate how St. Augustine is praying.