‘Lord hear my prayer’ (Ps. 60:2)
that my soul may not collapse (Ps. 83:3) under your discipline (Ps. 54:2),
and may not suffer exhaustion in confessing to you your mercies,
by which you have delivered me from all my evil ways.
Enable me to love you with all my strength that I may clasp your hand with all my heart.
‘Deliver me from all temptation to the end’ (Ps. 17:30).
You Lord are ‘my king and my God’ (Ps. 5:3 ; 43:5)

St. Augustine, Confessions, Book 1 (24)

St. Augustine is acknowledging his weakness and begging God to help him to turn away from any and all evils and to do something extraordinary, to love God with his whole strength and humanity (‘with all my heart’). The root of this prayer is the First Commandment. This prayer is not just an acknowledgment of that commandment, but a pouring out of his desire to live out his life in a deep bond of love with God.