God, author of all life,
bless, we pray, this unborn child;
give constant protection
and grant a healthy birth
that is the sign of our rebirth one day
into the eternal rejoicing of heaven.
Lord, who have brought to this woman
the wondrous joy of motherhood,
grant her comfort in all anxiety
and make her determined
to lead her child along the ways of salvation.

Lord of the ages, who have singled out this man
to know the grace and pride of fatherhood,
grant him courage in this new responsibility,
and make him an example of justice and truth for
this child.

Lord, endow this family
with sincere and enduring love
as they prepare to welcome this child into their midst.
Lord, you have put into the hearts of all men and
women of good will
a great awe and wonder at the gift of new life;
fill this community
with faithfulness to the teachings of the Gospel
and new resolve to share
in the spiritual formation of this child in Christ our Savior,
who lives and reigns for ever and ever.

The preceding prayer is from the Church’s “Rite of the Blessing of a Child in the Womb”.