• Available for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Android Phones and Blackberry.
  • Application available in English, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish
  • Cost: Free

This app includes many functions:
– The Liturgy of the Hours (it is a portable Brevery)
– The Daily Missal for the celebration of Mass (both Roman and Ambrosian)
– Mass readings for the day (it is a full full lectionary)
– Prayer book: including Rosary and Way of the Cross.
– The complete texts of the rituals for the celebration of all the sacraments:
– Anointing of the Sick
– Marriage (including readings),
– Funeral,
– Communion to the sick/homebound,
– Many other rituals of blessing useful for meditation, prayer and ecclesial ministry

From the author of Ibervery, Fr. Paolo Padrini, Pastor of the Parish of St. Giorgio, Stazzano, Italy:
“IBreviary is simply this: to link technology with the faith and the human need to talk with God, to feel closer to Him through the prayer in any time of the day.”

My comments:  I have been using this app on my iPod touch, for about three years. In the beginning it was buggy and had more than a few problems.  The problems have been fixed with numerous patches, and is stable now. It has been growing and gaining functionality over the last year.  What was once a simple app focusing on the Liturgy of the Hours, is now a quite sophisticated, portable liturgical prayer library. It requires a connection to the Internet in order to download each days readings, both for Mass and the Hours.  It is also possible with a press of one button, to download a week at a time, and up to 10 days future information can be downloaded. When this app was first released it cost 99 cents, after a year or so Fr. Paulo just started giving it away for free.

I use this app every day. I use it to pray Vespers (evening prayer) from the Liturgy of the Hours. It takes me about 10 to 12 minutes to pray Vespers. If you want to learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours with a paper based book, you need to learn how to navigate the book through a four week cycle and flip pages (there are five page marker ribbons that come with the book). This app makes it so easy to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, there is nothing to learn. I also like the daily Mass readings. Add a Bible app (from a different publisher) and your portable electronic device is a complete prayer library. (Note: I have a review of a Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition Bible on this blog.)

All of us need help with our prayer. This app can help, wither you use it for 2 or 20 minutes minutes a day, or just a few times a year, this is a fantastic application. It will grow on you, and you will find yourself using it more and more. I also need to repeat the price, free.

For more information including how to download it to your portable device, please see the following web site: http://www.ibreviary.com/new/index_en.html