Sacred Scripture is meant for both all mankind and for each one of us. Sacred Scripture needs to become your personal story so that you can then spread it to the whole world, perhaps just to your next door neighbor, or maybe a relative or a friend.

There are a few ways to personalize Sacred Scripture when reading it:

  1. memorize specific verses
  2. make notes about verses in a journal
  3. highlight the verses that speak to you

This list is in order of increasing simplicity.  For most people memorizing more that a few verses will be difficult if not impossible.  Keeping a journal of favorite verses is great but requires some work while reading.  The last method is strikingly simple, but problematic. Bible paper is thin and most all highlighters bleed through the paper.  I am blessed to have finally found a highlight pen that does not bleed through the thin paper: the Zebra Eco by Zebright. It has a florescent pigment ink that works great.  It comes in multiple colors and the model I purchased (yellow) has both a wide chisel-tip and a fine point tip. The only issue with this highlighter is availability.  I was only able to fine it online. It is also a little expensive, I purchased a 12-pack for $20. I highly recommend this product.

A highlighter for use on thin Bible paper: Zebra Eco by Zebright