“…my mouth praises you with joyful lips,
when I think of you upon my bed,
and meditate upon you in the watches of the night.” (Psalm 63:5-6)

David had many opportunities to to think about the Lord in the watches of the night. In his early life he was a Sheppard, and was probably responsible many times for the sheep during the night watches. In his later life, before he became King, he was a solder, and again probably took his turns watching over the camp while everyone else slept.

I have read all 150 of the Psalms, and I can see in the words, the amount of time he spent thinking and praying to the Lord. These two verses in particular, show how David’s heart was focused on praying and praising the Lord. It is because he spent so much time on prayer, and especially when he was alone at night, that his prayer life became so deep, so rich, and so totally enveloped in the Lord.

Contrast this to our own age. We have so many things, activities, to distract us from prayer. All day long we are over loaded with information. At night the we can even go to sleep with our personal, portable music players, providing music for us to fall asleep by. We need to find the time, the space, the opportunity, to turn off whatever noise the world is producing, and focus on prayer. Stop everything and pray, especially at night. Whether the house is quiet, or not, we need to spend time in the night, praying, and not just once in a while, but every night.

We need to develop a deep, close, personal relationship with our Lord, so that on a daily, regular basis, we spend some time in the watches of the night, praising with joyful lips, the One who we hope to spend all eternity with.