Mary, humble servant of God Most High, the Son to whom you gave birth has made you the servant of humanity.
Your life was a humble and generous service.
You were servant of the Word when the angel announced to you the divine plan of salvation.
You were servant of the Son, giving him life and remaining open to his mystery.
You were servant of Redemption, standing courageously at the foot of the Cross, close to the Suffering Servant and Lamb, who was sacrificing himself for love of us.
You were servant of the Church on the day of Pentecost and with your intercession you continue to generate her in every believer, even in these our difficult and troubled times.

Let the young people of the third millennium look to you, young daughter of Israel, who have known the agitation of a young heart when faced with the plan of the Eternal God.
Make them able to accept the invitation of your Son to give their lives wholly for the glory of God.
Make them understand that to serve God satisfies the heart, and that only in the service of God and of his kingdom do we realise ourselves in accordance with the divine plan, and life becomes a hymn of glory to the Most Holy Trinity.

Prayer by Blessed Pope John Paul the Great, From the Vatican, 16 October 2002.
(The fourth Sunday of Easter is the World Day of Prayer for Vacations.)