I started to seriously read the Bible in the Spring of 2008. I started with the four books of the Gospel,  the Act of the Apostles, then the three letters of John. These eight books were read with a Bible commentary, so I was studying, as well as reading. Reading just this small amount of the entirety of the Bible was a significant, a life-changing experience. I then went about reading many different “religious” books, (some of which have reviews posted for on this blog). I had been reading small parts of the Bible, from a few verses to perhaps a complete chapter, most most of my life, but this was the first time I had read an entire book of the Bible.

In the fall of 2010 I made the decision to finish reading  the entire New Testament, and I finished it in about 6 weeks. While reading the New Testament, I wanted to keep track of my progress, so I created an excel spread sheet, to keep track each of the books as I finished it. I have finished reading 30 books of the Old Testament, and am using the Bible Reading Log to keep track of my progress through the Old Testament.

So the time has come for me to share this idea/tool.  On the right side of the BLOG, under the Documents section, I have a new document titled: Bible_Reading_Log. It is created in Microsoft Excel format, and is compatible with Open Office which is free software.

The use of the Bible reading log is not just to keep track of progress, the most important benefit is that it is meant to inspire you to “read the next book”, and then to complete which ever part you are in the process of reading, New or Old Testament, or say the Wisdom Books, or the Gospels, or the Letters of Paul.  Make the decision today to start reading the Bible, and keeping track of your progress.

The grace of God is awaiting you within His Holy Word.