(RSV Psalm 138:1)

1) I give you thanks, O LORD, with my whole heart;
before the angels I sing your praise;

The Revised Standard Version translates verse one in the present tense: “I sing”. I was surprised to see this small but significant detail. The psalmist is so confident, so trusting and so in love with the Lord that his songs of praise to the Lord are done before the angels, now. Not before the angles after he has died and gone to heaven, but right now. That is an incredible prayer life! I want that prayer life also. Do you? Remember the Psalms are examples of prayer that we are to learn from.

So what do we need to do to pray this way? One, we need a strong faith. Two, we need to trust in Jesus. We need to trust that his gift of the Holy Spirit will give us the grace necessary, so that our songs of praise are before the angels as well. The one grace that comes to mind is the gift of fortitude or courage. How could we stand before the angles without courage?

Faith, trust and courage: three gifts of the Holy Spirit that all of us could pray to be given more of. Then, when we get more of these graces, we can put them to good use. I can think of no better use for these graces than to sing the praises of the Lord, before the angels.