I have added a new link, located in the “Other” category. Catholic Spiritual Direction, is a blog by a priest and his associate. I love the website and I highly recommend it.

What is Spiritual Direction?  I have just started reading another book (my third) by Father Thomas Dubay titled: “Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to grow the divine life within”. I have read only four chapters but I can already recommend the book, (a full review is a month away). From page 43: “What is spiritual Direction? It is the guiding of a person into a life under the dominion of the Holy Spirit, who is the primary director.” From page 63: “The general purpose of spiritual direction is identical with that of the whole economy of salvation, aiding the directee to love God with whole heart, soul, and mind, and the neighbor as oneself  (Luke 10:27)”.

Note: There is a recommended order to read the books of Father Dubay in. Although this is not the order the books were written in (and published), this order will help to make it easier to understand the concepts Fr. Dubay is writing about.
1) Prayer Primer : Igniting a Fire Within
2) Deep Conversion / Deep Prayer
3) Seeking Spiritual Direction: How to grow the divine life within