One of the popular songs in our church’s Friday night prayer meetings is titled “Better is one day”  by Matt Redman. The song is so popular that many different musicians in the praise and worship genre have recorded a “cover” of this song. One day I started thinking: what is it about this song that make it so popular?  The refrain in this song is: “Better is one day in Your courts, Than thousands elsewhere”. So where did the song writer get his inspiration from? The answer is pretty obvious, Psalm 84. For the writer of the Psalm, the courts of the Lord were at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  To the Holy Temple is where the people of God wanted to go, to be close to the Arc of the Covenant and to the Lord.  Psalm 84 explains the joy to be found in worshiping the Lord in His Holy Temple.

The Psalms contain so many types of prayers, so no matter what type of mood you are in: sorrowful, happy or sad, you can find a Psalm to pray with.  In the Psalms are inspiration. Inspiration from words that were inspired by the Holy Spirit.