If you have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch this application is something that you should seriously consider spending $2 on. The iRosary is for people both new and experienced with the Rosary. For if you are new to this prayer, the application serves as a teacher that will lead and guide you to success with this prayer. If you have been praying the Rosary for years this application makes this prayer available wherever you may bring your iPhone (or iPod touch).

The most fundamental reason for using this application is that the visual effect will help with meditation while praying.  During each of the five decades a picture associated with that specific mystery is displayed (this is an option that can be turned on or off). Change the orientation of the iPhone from portrait to landscape and a different picture of each mystery is displayed.

An important point to remember about the rosary is that it is not an exercise in saying the Hail Mary prayer 50 times, the prayers are a method of helping to enable meditation on the individual mysteries in the life of Jesus and his mother.

The application is customizable to specific preferences.  There are 270 visual combination’s of bead types, chains, and crucifixes available.  Other options include the Fatima prayer and the Luminous mysteries that can be switched on or off. The location of the prayer beads can be changed from left to right by simply dragging them to the other side of the screen. The prayers are available in four languages, including Latin. The application also includes the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Litany of Loreto prayer.  The iRosary has received hundreds (+800) of favorable recommendations in the iTunes store.

Whether you pray on old wooden beads or a new electronic device, the Rosary is a prayer that with just 15 minutes a day, can change your life.