I recently purchased this for my iPod touch, and used it to read two of St. Paul’s letters: Romans and 1st Corinthians. I read about half of each letter with paper Bible and half with electronic version, so I could compare the experience.  I love this VerseWise bible.  The navigation is simple and intuitive, for example: way the chapters flow from one to the next is perfect. The entire experience of using using this electronic Bible is fantastic.

I also have a few free translations from  Olive Tree Bible Software for my iTouch.  I like the VerseWise Bible better.  The differences may be small, but they are enough to make me prefer the VerseWise.  The VerseWise RSE-CE translation was first released in July 2009, and the developer has been making improvements to it on a regular basis since then.  Note: For Catholics they also have the Douay-Rheims translation available.

There are many great features to the VerseWise electronic Bible:

  1. The ease of navigation,  I can look up book, chapter and verse quicker electronically then I can with a paper Bible.
  2. The search feature is fast, powerful, accurate and easy to use.  Prior searches are saved.
  3. The history function:  The last one hundred books/chapters read are kept, and they are organized chronologically for easy reference.
  4. The cost is only $5. If you have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, how could you not afford $5 to put a Bible on it?
  5. Convenience: With the small form factor of the iTouch, the Bible now goes anywhere. I was reading the Bible at the American Red Cross, while donating blood (yes, with a needle sticking in my arm).
  6. Copy selected verses to clipboard, so you can paste into other documents or email.
  7. The translation:  The RSV is considered by language experts to be the most faithful translation from the original languages into English.
  8. Yellow highlighting of verses any verses you select.
  9. Bookmark any verses you select and you may quickly navigate to them from the bookmark menu.


In summary, if you have an Apple iPhone or iPod touch, spend the $5 and get yourself a VerseWise Bible for it.  Then there will be no excuse for not bringing your Bible with you anywhere and everywhere, and most importantly, reading it.