• Gregorian Chant by The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos
  • Price:     $12  to $17
  • Audio CD (March 15, 1994)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Angel Records
  • ASIN: B000002SKX

The most important point make about this CD is that the monks are not just singing, not just performing, they are praying! You are invited to pray with them. I listen to this CD frequently on my drive to work in the morning.  This music has the ability to create an atmosphere of peace and serenity that enables me to pray in a meditative way.  That meditation is sometimes on a passage from the Gospel. For example, read the daily Gospel reading in the morning before going to work.  Another possibility is to listen and pray with this on the way the home from work, to not only unwind and relax after a difficult day, but to simply spend time praying.  Another alternative would be to listen to this CD at home and read the liner notes to pray along in the Latin.

For the beauty of the voices (no musical instruments) opens the mind and heart and enables one to invite God inside.  This type of music is a perfect method to help someone with meditation, but it does not happen on its own.  Remember, this music is prayer, and to listen to it effectively, one would need to enter into a “prayer” frame of mind.  I find that this music allows me to focus more intensely on prayer because it keeps my mind from distractions. I do not know the Latin the songs are sung in, so I am able to say my own prayers, meditate, and even spend quiet time with God, saying and thinking nothing, just enjoying His presence.

My research on Gregorian Chant recordings found that this CD has probably sold more copies than all the other Gregorian Chant CD’s combined.  I have other Gregorian Chant CD’s and there is something special about this one.  Do not let the age of the recording (1994) scare you away. The sound quality is full, clear and even breath taking.  If you are hesitant about purchasing this because you feel that you probably will not like the music, then go online and listen to song samples, or borrow a Gregorian Chant CD from the public library, or a friend.  If you have a portable music player, purchase just one song for $1 and then give this type of music a chance to grow on you. Remember, this is not just about the music, but about improving your prayer.