• crossing_the thresshold_of_hopeBy Pope John Paul II
  • Paperback: 256 pages ($11 to $15)
  • Publisher: Knopf
  • ISBN-13: 978-0679765615

The format of this book is a little different than the typical book. It consists of 20 original questions from an Italian author of religious books and articles. Those 20 questions were edited into 35 small chapters.

1)“The Pope:” A scandal and a mystery. 2) Praying: How and Why, 3) How does the Pope Pray? 4) Does God really exist? 5) “Proof”: Is it still valid? 6) If God exists why is he hiding? 7) Is Jesus the Son of God?  8 ) What has become of the “History of Salvation”? 9) The centrality of salvation. 10) Why is there so much evil in the world? 11) Why does God tolerate suffering? 12) What does “To Save” mean? 13) Why so many religions? 14) Buddha? 15) Muhammad? 16) Judaism? 17) A minority by the year 2000. 18) What is the new evangelization? 19) Is there really hope in the young? 20) Was God at work in the fall of Communism? 21) Is only Rome right? 22) In search of lost unity. 23) Why divided? 24) The Church and the Council. 25) A “Dialog of Salvation”. 26) A qualitative renewal. 27) The reaction of the “World”. 28) Does “Eternal Life” exist? 29) What is the use of believing? 30) Human Rights. 31) The defense of every life. 32) The Mother of God.  33) Women. 34) “Be not afraid”. 35) Crossing the threshold of Hope.

The questions are big and important. The answers are profound and amazing.

It seams that on every page, John Paul II is quoting the Bible. His answers cover not only the original question but seam to know what the followup question is and provide the reader with a through and yet deep answer. The answers seam to cover the questions as if I personally had asked them. The knowledge, wisdom, and holiness of Pope John Paul II are on display in the pages of this book.

It is difficult, if not impossible for me to convey the value of a book like this. Pope John Paul II was many things, and in this book he was a theologian, a shepherd, a witness to the Gospel and a teacher.  If you have a desire to learn about the questions and issues listed above, the man many people (myself included) now call John Paul The Great, has your answers.