• manual_of_prayersLeather Bound ($43)
  • Publisher: Midwest Theological Forum (2008)
  • Pontifical North American College – Rome
  • ISBN-13: 978-1890177522

From the gold embossed lettering on the soft leather binding, to the gilt edges of the vanilla colored pages and the two built in fabric bookmarks, this prayer book is a fine collector’s edition. The most important note about the Manual is  that it is intended for Priests and Seminarians.  The forward of the third edition notes that the publishers received an “enthusiastic reception” from the laity.

The book is organized according to prayer types and contains the following chapters: Liturgical, Before Mass, at Holy Communion, After Mass, Sacrament of Penance, Morning, Evening, At Meditation or Study, Litanies, Devotions, Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Occasional, Various Persons, Various Needs, Various Saints, Various Novenas, and Selected Chants.

The list price of this book is four times the cost of a typical prayer book .   However, it is $43 not $400. Can you really put a price on something like this? The overall quality of this Manual is such that you could give this as a special gift to someone you love as a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day or Father’s day gift. It is a very special book. One small criticism of the book is the inclusion of non-English languages. Some of the prayers are repeated in French, Spanish, Italian, and German. I can understand why Latin is used in the book, but the other languages could be printed in language specific editions. The leather cover is a “wrap around” style with a snap on the cover. This takes some getting used to.

It is a beautiful book, and I recommend this if you are serious about your prayer.